Lash Extensions


I am a Lash Perfect Premium Certified Technician.

Semi permanent eyelash extensions require skill, patience and experience to apply perfectly.  Linda has been applying Lash Perfect lash extensions for many years and takes pride in achieving beautiful, long lasting results for which clients have returned over many years.

Lash Perfect lashes instantly transform the appearance of your eyes.

Individual, natural-looking lashes, professionally and precisely applied to each natural eyelash achieve the appearance of enviable, long, full, sophisticated and youthful eyelashes, 24 hours a day, which last for weeks with no need for mascara or eyelash curlers.  These lightweight lashes look and feel as if they are your own.

Perfect for daily wear, holidays, brides, clients with sparse or fine eyelashes or for clients with an active or busy lifestyle.  You can shower, swim, use the spa and sleep without a problem.  Lash Perfect eyelash extensions are waterproof and durable and will tolerate extremes of temperature.

Various thicknesses/lengths/curl levels available to achieve the exact length, curl and thickness you desire.

With care, your semi-permanent lashes can last for an average duration of 3-6 weeks.  A completely new set of lashes should ideally be reapplied after a maximum of 12 weeks and approximately 2-3 weekly top ups are recommended to retain optimum definition and fullness.  Lashes are applied while the client relaxes on a therapy couch.  The process is completely painless and very relaxing.  When applied expertly, there will be no damage or trauma to natural eyelashes.

Eyelash tinting prior to application may be advisable for clients with fair eyelashes.

Contact lenses should be removed before the application process and lashes should ideally be kept dry for approximately 24 hours after application.

Images of clients wearing Lash Perfect lashes and testimonials are available.

Full set:
(2–3 hour application time)
Half set:
(1 hour application time)
End flicks:
(45 minutes)
(per hour)
Removal and eye treatment: